You can work your tail off in the gym but if you’re eating Big Macs and Devil Dogs, you’re not gonna see the results you want.  You’re just not. ...


  Fitness comes in all shapes and sizes – just like us as women!  At Mel Cowen Fitness, we work with you to tailor a plan that best meets your ...


About Mel Cowen Fitness:

Hey fitchick!  Thanks for stopping by.  My name is Mel and I am a 40-something woman, wife, mom of 6, grandma of 3.  In 2010, I had about had it with my fitness and was ready to pull my hair out.  It seemed like no matter what I did, I was never going to lose the weight I had gained and I was relegated to being an old, frumpy, weak woman instead of the hot mama that I knew was somewhere deep inside of me.  I was blessed to find a great workout program that acted as my gateway drug into working out… HARD!.  FINALLY I had found a program that worked.  It wasn’t just because the workouts were intense – I had done intense before.  It was because I also learned how to eat to fuel my body for peak performance.  Even as a nurse, I really didn’t know enough about good nutrition practices to make a dent in my weight loss.  By adding sound nutritional habits to my arsenal of weapons against the war on frump, I was able to EAT MORE and still lose weight.  Way more weight than I thought was possible.

My journey started for mere physical reasons.  I wanted to look good so I could start feeling good about myself again.  But what I have learned over the past 5+ years is that it took more mental and emotional work to really get to where I wanted to be.  Through personal development, training, and lots of time in prayer, I can honestly say I am a far different, more improved version of me then I was back in 2010.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward to you.  I have been serving clients since 2010. I focus on your wellness from head to toe, inside and out by taking what hasn’t worked in the past and developing a plan together that is easy to follow and maintain. It isn’t about just looking hot in a bathing suit.  It’s about finding yourself again, learning to love who God made you to be, regardless of your size and shape.  I take a 5-pronged approach to your wellness by focusing on:

  1. EARTH – this is your foundation of strength.  We develop a strength training routine that targets those tough areas that women struggle with most.
  2. FIRE – this is your cardio conditioning.  Now that you’ve started a strength training routine, we use cardio to help you burn the fat.  Low impact moves are used to keep your joints healthy too.
  3. AIR – as we age, we start to lose balance and core strength.  Your program will incorporate both into your workout routines while improving your overall flexibility.
  4. WATER – I think this is one of the most important pieces of the work we’ll do together – here we focus on your hydration and nutrition.  How many calories? How many macros?  Meal planning, menus, recipes – yep, it’s all in there!
  5. HEART – you can start a program with the best intentions, but if you’re mind’s not right, it’s just not gonna last.  I take your emotional wellness seriously and help you to overcome past challenges while developing new, healthier habits.

Being a nurse and certified diabetes educator, I also offer additional support to women with diabetes and/or concerns with heart health.

Every woman is unique and I cherish that individuality by providing you with a plan created with you in mind.  If you have been struggling with your health or with being motivated and accountable to yourself, contact me today to get started.


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